Marked for the Pyre

    Book 2 in the Brands of Taelgir series

    Planned for July/August 2023

    Between Andreiyes and Kaianne, an unlikely alliance has formed, but uniting Carved and Marked against the Order is not as simple as dripping some blood on a heartstone.

    The Carved want revenge for centuries of genocide.

    The Marked are indoctrinated in their beliefs.

    Meanwhile, the Order is scheming.

    And Rau’s suspicions of the royal couple’s intent are only growing. But when the Order discovers his daughter’s condition, Rau must choose between what he knows is right and what is best for the person he cares for most.

    Carved Amidst the Shadows

    Too easily our secrets slip from the shadows.”

    Book 1 in the Brands of Taelgir Series

    To be a Marked means to be loyal and protected.

    To be a Carved is to be the vilest of traitors.

    Born branded as a Marked, Kaianne trusts the system. When her brother is born brandless, her misconceptions come crashing down. Now, an orphan and with only one uneasy ally, she turns to the Carved.

    What she finds is purpose, a chance for revenge, and a family as strong as the one she lost. She will stop at nothing to protect them and further their growing rebellion.

    If the talented disciples from the realms’ religious order cannot dissuade her, a prince certainly cannot stop her. Her once ally must either step aside, cut her down, or join her people’s crusade.

    The Brand Edicts were meant to bring stability, but more people are born brandless as the decades pass. The Carved are growing more combative against the realms’ edicts. And like wounded animals, those in power are more dangerous than ever. It’s time for a change.

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